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11oz or 15 Oz
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11 or 15 oz stoneware mug. Mugs are food, dishwasher and microwave safe. Personalize your mug by adding a name to it.

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Hot Chocolate Bomb! These make an adorable fun treat for kids and adults. Simply add the chocolate ball to a mug, pour Hot milk and watch the chocolate melt away and the marshmallows explode! Stir and enjoy a delightful cup of hot Cocoa with your family.
* Hot chocolate bombs contain milk products. These may also have been exposed to egg and or nuts.
Each "bomb" contains Cocoa Mix and Mini Marshmallows

Succulent. Assorted green succulents in 2" pot Each plant may vary from pictures shown as plants are hand selected based on season, size, health, and readiness.

Catnip - Pamper your cat with this happy cat collection. Most cats absolutely love the herb Catnip. This plant contains nepetalactone oil which gives most cats a sense of euphoria and intense happiness.
Cat Grass -- Cat Grass grown from 100% Sweet Oats will help keep your cat healthy by providing fiber and natural trace elements such as vitamins A and D. It’s much safer for your cat than eating the grass outside.

Herbs. These will arrive as seedlings or very young. This will help with during shipping to insure plant does not break or get damaged.

Herbs, catgrass and catnip are all Non-GMO heirloom.

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