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Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

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Introducing our Hanging Car Diffuser, an elegant and compact air freshener designed to keep your car smelling delightful. Filled with high-quality fragrance oil, ensuring a long-lasting scent experience on the go. Its sleek design effortlessly complements any car interior, adding a touch of style to your daily commutes. Simply hang it in your car using the attached cord and let the aroma fill your space. To maintain optimum fragrance, avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight. Care instructions: When the scent starts to fade, simply tip the diffuser to allow more fragrance oil to saturate the wooden cap. They last up to 30 days with proper use and make a perfect accessory for a touch of personality in any area.--

  • Easy To Use
  • Eco Friendly Design
  • Refillable

If you want your scent to be strong, turn your diffuser upside down for 4-6 seconds. If you want it to be soft, turn the bottle upside down for 2-3 seconds. Depending on how intense you want it to be, will determine how long it will last you. 

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